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Welcome to the Renaissance Innovation Network – a place where imagineering happens. Our vision is clear and direct: to design, develop, and apply the concept of “Renaissance" as a powerful rallying call for creative change and dramatic improvements in performance during periods of major paradigm shifts. We work with corporations, non profits and government as well as individuals and social networks to enable the imagining of a different future and resourcing the opportunity to make that future happen.
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A new book from the Renaissance Innovation Network . The book, available both as an e-book or in a paperback, outlines why the authors consider the world to be in the early phases of a new renaissance and what the challenges of this new renaissance will be. The book then looks at the six key practices of renaissance leaders and challenges leaders to reflect on their own practice.

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The Government of Alberta is determined to strengthen the competitive position of its key industry  sectors. It has formed task groups – partnerships between Government and industry – and is working its way through an agenda aimed at identifying what needs to be done to strengthen the competitive position of firms and industries. Read more at

Stephen Murgatroyd, Chief Scout, Innovation Expedition

What a difference a year makes. This time last year the environmental movement was gearing up for a major breakthrough at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. With a combination of “doom and gloom” soothsayers – Ban ki Moon, Al Gore, Prince Charles, James Hansen, David Suzuki – and optimistic negotiators, it was clear that Copenhagen was being positioned as “the last chance” we had to save the planet but there was optimism that we might just do it. We know what happened. Polluters couldn’t agree with the small islands and the developing world and the negotiations fell apart, with a compromise “lets look as if we might save the planet” deal being signed off by a few countries at the end of a tough ten days of negotiation.


How will we cope with an aging population? Canadians are living longer, with life expectancy now reaching a record 80.2 years. By 2026, one in five Canadians will be 65 or older; by 2041, it will be one in four.

The York University Alliance in Graceful Aging is promoting innovative research, education and advocacy to introduce a radical attitude shift about aging and contribute to improved health for older adults in Canada and around the world. Not just a biomedical approach to health care, graceful aging is an active, positive focus on the well-being of the whole person and the process of growing older.

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